T-Mobile app glitch and fake pages

T-Mobile app glitch exposes customer data to other users, fake pages used to steal credit card info and the LuaDream malware. All this and more.

Airbus data leak, Cisco Webex ad malware and €345 million TikTok fine

Airbus data leak, fake Cisco Webex ads, €345 million TikTok fine and Peach Sandstorm hacking group targets U.S. companies. Catch all this and more.

New Apple iMessage exploit and CISA’s Apache RocketMQ warning

New Apple iMessage exploit, Mac malvertising campaign and CISA’s Apache RocketMQ warning. Catch all this and more.

Forever 21 data breach and Android BadBazaar espionage

Forever 21 breach affects 500k people, BadBaazar spyware spread by Chinese APT group via trojanized Android apps and the Classiscam scam-as-a-service operation. All this and more!

Duolingo data leak and the Met Police IT hack

Duolingo data leak exposes data of 2.6 million users, Met Police IT hack puts officers’ data at risk, and Jupiter X Core vulnerabilities. All this and more! data breach and Ivanti Avalanche vulnerabilities hacked, Ivanti Avalanche flaws risk 30k orgs, iOS 16 fake Airplane mode exploit, and more!

UK Electoral Commission hack and Microsoft’s role in China email breach

Data breach of nearly 40 million UK voters, Microsoft investigated for China-backed email breach, and Knight spam campaign. All this and more!

Salesforce email zero-day exploit and Microsoft Power Platform criticism

Salesforce email zero-day exploit, Microsoft Power Platform criticism and Google Play security bypass. Catch all this and more!

Airlines disclose pilot data breach and the Microsoft Teams bug

Major global airlines disclose data breach exposing pilot credentials, Microsoft Teams bug enables malware delivery from external users and the Github RepoJa

GravityRAT Android Trojan and new MOVEit Transfer flaw

A new version of Android GravityRAT trojan steals WhatsApp backups, MOVEit Transfer warns customers of a new flaw, and fake Github researcher accounts. Catch