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Free Valentine's Day cybersecurity cards: Keep your love secure!

Jeff Peters
February 14, 2022 by
Jeff Peters

They say love is blind. For the thousands of people who fall for romance scams around Valentine's Day each year, there is some truth to it.

While these romance scams are on the rise, there are many ways for those looking for their better half to stay cyber safe including:

  1. Proceed with caution when connecting with someone who is always 'out of town' or from abroad. These fronts can often serve as the perfect excuse for scammers to justify their distanced requests or strange forms of payment like gift cards.
  2. Be wary of anyone who makes excuses on why they can't video call or meet you in person. If a few months have passed, and you still haven’t met in person, you have good reason to be suspicious.
  3. Take a pause if the relationship is moving very fast and they claim they need money. Scammers will often work to quickly gain your trust before they make the ask for money or gifts.

Free Valentine's Day cybersecurity cards

We want to help do our part to spread the love (and cybersecurity awareness) this Valentine’s Day with a series of infosec-inspired cards you can download below and send to your favorite cyber-sweetheart to tell them how you feel!

Click the images below to download them for easy sharing.

Jeff Peters
Jeff Peters

Jeff Peters is a communications professional with more than a decade of experience creating cybersecurity-related content. As the Director of Content and Brand Marketing at Infosec, he oversees the Infosec Resources website, the Cyber Work Podcast and Cyber Work Hacks series, and a variety of other content aimed at answering security awareness and technical cybersecurity training questions. His focus is on developing materials to help cybersecurity practitioners and leaders improve their skills, level up their careers and build stronger teams.