General security

Understanding cybersecurity breaches: Types, common causes and potential risks

A comprehensive guide to cybersecurity breaches detailing its types, causes and potential risks to your organization.

Breaking the Silo: Integrating Email Security with XDR

Extended detection and response (XDR) is a security solution that combines multiple security technologies and data sources to provide a more comprehensive and integrated approach to threat detection and response.

What is Security Service Edge (SSE)?

Learn about Security Service Edge, or SSE, a security solution that can protect your business’s network and data.

Cybersecurity in Biden’s era

With President's Day here, the 18th nationally appointed cybersecurity awareness month behind us, and Joe Biden's presidency at its midpoint—let’s review how

Password security: Using Active Directory password policy

Learn how to implement password security policies using Active Directory in this walkthrough from Infosec Skills author Mike Meyers.

Inside a DDoS attack against a bank: What happened and how it was stopped

Distributed denial-of-service attacks are often used to disrupt websites. Learn how one bank got attacked and what they did to stop it.

Inside Capital One’s game-changing breach: What happened and key lessons

Learn how the Capital One data breach happened and how its legal implications continue to affect the work of cybersecurity professionals.

A DevSecOps process for ransomware prevention

Ransomware is possibly the most severe cybersecurity threat facing organizations today. There are multiple attack vectors. One of the ways ransomware infects

What is Digital Risk Protection (DRP)?

Digital Risk Protection is becoming an important part of incident response strategies.

How to choose and harden your VPN: Best practices from NSA & CISA

These five best practices will steer you on course for choosing and hardening your VPN.