Digital forensics

Top 7 tools for intelligence-gathering purposes

Experts can often collect significant artifacts related to the authors behind the analyzed scenarios during cybersecurity exercises, including details such a

iOS forensics

Day by day, smartphones and tablets are becoming ever more popular, and as a result, the technology used in development to add new features or improve the se

Kali Linux: Top 5 tools for digital forensics

There are many tools available from Kali Linux. These are the five most popular tools for digital forensics work.

Snort demo: Finding SolarWinds Sunburst indicators of compromise

Use Snort and the indicators of compromise provided by FireEye to detect Sunburst infections.

Memory forensics demo: SolarWinds breach and Sunburst malware

The SolarWinds breach was unprecedented. This case study looks at how and why through a memory analysis lens.

Digital forensics careers: Public vs private sector?

Find out what it's like working in the digital forensics field in both the public or private sector, and its importance.

Email forensics: desktop-based clients

Emails are the most commonly used technology for exchanging messages between people/businesses using electronic media. With every technology, there comes a r

What is a Honey Pot? [updated 2021]

Introduction: What is a Honeypot? Honeypots are special programs that are written for one purpose: to be exploited. Honeypots emulate the appearance of a vu

Email forensics: Web-based clients

This article discusses how to perform forensic investigations of Web-based email clients. While many organizations use Desktop based email clients for their

Email analysis

In this article, we will explore the fundamentals concepts associated with email that will help us to perform email analysis. We will begin by understanding