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Top 5 Security Apps for Android Users

February 20, 2018 by Stephen Moramarco

Your smartphone is even more valuable than your wallet. If stolen or compromised, its contents can be used against you; if there is work-related information on there, it can also damage your job. That’s why it’s crucial you keep it safe from thieves and spies (as well as malware). To help, here are the top 5 security apps for Android that will go a long way towards protecting you.


Hands-down the easiest, most affordable way to keep track of all your passwords. This app also syncs with your laptop and desktop for one low fee. Use it to generate strong passwords, which will further ensure the security of your accounts. Cost: $2.99/mo or $4.99 for families.

Sophos Mobile Security

Android is an extremely robust operating system, but the truth is it’s susceptible to malware; this can happen if you accidentally visit a compromised website or if you’ve downloaded an app from somewhere you shouldn’t have. To keep safe, add Sophos Mobile Security which scans for malware, blocks malicious websites, and much more with no annoying pop-ups, either. Cost: free.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal is an open source platform for private SMS conversations and even phone calls all without paying fees or long distance charges. You can create group texts and share files with top-level encryption; nothing is stored on their servers, either. Cost: free.

CM Locker

CM Locker offers password or pattern security and fingerprint on supported devices. But it’s more than just a fancy lock screen. You can hook it up to your Facebook account to locate it and set off a siren. A sneaky feature also takes a selfie of anyone that tries to unlock it and fails. Plus, flashlight, calculator, and other handy tools. Cost: free (some ad pop-ups).


Don’t forget your emails! ProtonMail is the best, most popular service that has more than 2 million users. Because they are headquartered in Switzerland, your communications are protected by the world’s strictest privacy laws. However, even if someone wanted to read them they couldn’t because they’re encrypted on the server and ProtonMail doesn’t have the key. Cost: free.

 Don’t go another minute without these top 5 security apps for Android. If you’d like to go further to protect yourself and your business, learn more at SecurityIQ. Free one month trial gives you premium access. Start today!

Posted: February 20, 2018
Stephen Moramarco
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