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SecurityIQ Update Adds 30+ Industry-Specific, Role-Based Awareness Modules

January 10, 2018 by Megan Sawle

Security awareness training is not one-size-fits-all, so we rigorously add new modules to SecurityIQ for teams in different industries, roles and locations.This personalized approach engages your workforce by focusing on security concerns most relevant to their daily tasks.

Our latest update includes 21 new modules for healthcare employees, 10 new modules for financial services employees and 11 new modules localized for British English.

21 New Awareness Modules for Healthcare Employees

Healthcare providers can now choose from over 30 healthcare-specific security awareness training modules in SecurityIQ. Our 21 new modules include several role-based trainings for executives and managers to boost relevance and learner engagement. New modules include:

  1. Breach Notification for Healthcare Managers
  2. HIPAA/HITECH for Healthcare Managers
  3. HIPAA/HITECH for Healthcare Executives
  4. Malware & PHI for Managers
  5. Malware & PHI for Executives
  6. Mobile Security for Healthcare Managers
  7. Mobile Security for Healthcare Executives
  8. Password Security for Healthcare Managers
  9. Password Security for Healthcare Executives
  10. Phishing for Healthcare Managers
  11. Phishing for Healthcare Executives
  12. Physical Security & PHI for Healthcare Managers
  13. Physical Security & PHI for Healthcare Executives
  14. Removable Media & PHI for Healthcare Managers
  15. Removable Media & PHI for Executives
  16. Safe Web Browsing for Healthcare Managers
  17. Safe Web Browsing for Healthcare Executives
  18. Social Engineering for Healthcare Managers
  19. Working Remotely for Healthcare Managers
  20. Working Remotely for Healthcare Executives
  21. Ransomware & HIPAA

10 New Awareness Modules for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can now increase workforce security awareness with trainings designed specifically for financial sector employees. Each module addresses security and compliance concerns unique to the industry, including banking trojans, FINRA violations and money transfer fraud.

  1. Malware for Financial Institutions
  2. Mobile Security for Financial Institutions
  3. Password Security for Financial Institutions
  4. Phishing for Financial Institutions
  5. Physical Security for Financial Institutions
  6. Removable Media for Financial Institutions
  7. Safe Web Browsing for Financial Institutions
  8. Social Engineering for Financial Institutions
  9. Social Media for Financial Institutions
  10. Working Remotely for Financial Institutions

11 Modules Localized for British English Speakers

If your company is based in or near a British English speaking country, you can now deploy security awareness modules localized for British English speakers. All text and audio is adjusted to meet local expectations to increase authenticity and training relevance.

  1. Program Introduction
  2. Program Conclusion
  3. Malware
  4. Phishing
  5. Physical Security
  6. Password Security
  7. Working Remotely
  8. Removable Media
  9. Social Engineering
  10. Mobile Security
  11. Safe Web Browsing

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Posted: January 10, 2018
Megan Sawle
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Megan Sawle is a communications and research professional with 10 years of experience in cybersecurity, bioscience and higher education. Megan leads Infosec’s research strategy, leveraging study findings to mature its cybersecurity education offerings and build awareness of cybersecurity diversity and skill shortage challenges. Since joining the team, she’s directed research projects on a wide variety of cybersecurity topics ranging from dark web marketplaces and phishing kits to the Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity (NICE Framework) and the importance of soft skills in cybersecurity roles. Megan is a University of Wisconsin-Stout graduate, an avid equestrian and (very) amateur mycologist.