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SecurityIQ Release Blitz – Social Media & Mobile Device Training

April 18, 2018 by Jenna Hulbert

The latest SecurityIQ update was designed to mitigate common behaviors when employees are at their most vulnerable – break time! With four new training modules and four additional microlearning videos, you can educates learners on social media and mobile device best practices, and how their engagement can put your data at risk.      


Four New Training Tools

Social media can be a useful tool, or great stress reliever during a break, but appropriate care should be taken when sharing personal information on social networks and clicking links shared by others. Set your team up for success with our new training tools.      

  • Safe Use of Social Media

Covers the precautions you should take when making public posts and provides guidance on how to spot harmful links.

  • Social Engineering Defenses

Shows you how to recognize and prevent social engineering attacks.

  • Updates & Patches

Teaches the importance of regular patches and updates, and also details how to avoid malicious updates from untrusted sources.

  • Protecting Mobile Devices

Walks through the steps you can take to protect your device from prying eyes and theft.

Microlearning Series!  Four New Videos Available

Learners pressed for time? Our microlearning series accommodates your fast-paced environment with the convenience of these 60-second training videos, highlighting important awareness topics to keep your workforce sharp. These informative shorts use actors, professionally produced scenes and compelling narrative. Check out our new additions!  Reinforce the importance of mobile device best practices at work.

  • How Secure Is Public Wi-Fi?

Explains the risks of connecting to public Wi-Fi networks, including how sensitive information can be intercepted by attackers.

  • Where Is Your Device?

Details the importance of physical security and frequent data backups.

  • Who Can You Trust?

Highlights the risks of disclosing patient information without first verifying requester identity.

  • Antivirus

Details the threats antivirus software can and cannot mitigate.

Languages Spanning the Globe: Bosnian

Core modules are now available in Bosnian. Content is both translated and localized, including all text and audio!

About SecurityIQ

SecurityIQ integrates security awareness training, phishing simulations and personalized learning in one platform to drop organizational phishing susceptibility rates and motivate behavioral change. Learn more.

Posted: April 18, 2018
Jenna Hulbert
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