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SecurityIQ Launches Custom Training Module Delivery Feature

December 13, 2016 by Darren Dalasta

InfoSec Institute is excited to announce the immediate availability of custom training module delivery for SecurityIQ users. This new feature allows customers using AwareEd, to quickly upload, manage, deliver, and report on their own custom training modules in addition to the world class training content provided by InfoSec Institute. These custom modules can then be included in security awareness training campaigns or as standalone courses.

AwareEd Custom Module Features

  • Upload custom training content developed in-house
  • Assign custom training modules to AwareEd campaigns
  • Deploy custom training campaigns to any combination of users
  • Gain complete insight in to custom module statistics using the same reports available for AwareEd

Companies can now provide effective security awareness education to their employees and also deliver training related to onboarding, safety, policy, or any other topic that critical to the success of their organization, using the same system. AwareEd custom modules extends the power of SecurityIQ to serve as a learning management tool that can help meet all training needs within any business.

The Benefits of Delivering Custom Training Modules with AwareEd

  • Provide organization specific training to all of your users at no additional cost*
  • No more classroom style training sessions! Save time and improve productivity.
  • Allow on-demand access to allow training that fits your employee’s schedules
  • Utilize a single platform already delivering world class security awareness training to your organization

*The AwareEd Custom Module feature is included at no extra cost for paying SecurityIQ customers.

Providing security awareness training, or any type of training for that matter, can be a challenge for organizations of any size. Preparing and delivering this training is often costly in terms of the time it takes to prepare and conduct as well as in the productivity that is lost while employees are funneled into classroom style sessions for hours at a time, only to walk away dazed and confused. Fortunately, online services like SecurityIQ AwareEd, from InfoSec Institute, are available to streamline the process.

Utilizing a service like AwareEd has traditionally only allowed a company to deliver the training made available by the online service provider itself. While being able to deliver comprehensive security training on a broad range of topics is extremely useful, every organization has its own sets of policies, procedures, and rules that also need to be shared with employees. This information generally needed to be shared with those individuals through alternative methods, but now, a new option exists which can change the way organizations deliver training of any kind to their employees.


Figure: Adobe Captivate 9 PowerPoint Import


The AwareEd custom module feature allows a user to upload and store any Adobe Captivate 9 or newer projects in one location and quickly create full online courses based on this content within minutes. If an organization already has training videos or Microsoft PowerPoint content developed, Adobe Captivate can be used to import this content and export a Captivate project which can then be uploaded to SecurityIQ.


Figure: AwareEd Custom Module Upload


Once the content has been uploaded, it is quickly reviewed by SecurityIQ, and once approved, it is immediately available as a module within AwareEd. At this point, it can be added to a course and assigned to an AwareEd campaign. Just as with all other AwareEd modules, learner progress and activity for the custom modules can be tracked and reported on.




Figure: Custom module listed in available module list



Figure: Custom module as part of a SecurityIQ AwareEd Campaign


SecurityIQ is the first security awareness training platform in the industry to provide a tool for organization’s to deliver their own training content alongside AwareEd’s internationally recognized instructional content, making AwareEd the perfect tool for any company looking to launch a successful security awareness training program with the ability to incorporate custom training content to significantly enhance the organizations overall training effectiveness. To learn more about the AwareEd custom module feature and to schedule a demo of the full SecurityIQ AwareEd and simulated phishing attack suite, visit

Posted: December 13, 2016
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