SecurityIQ, AwareEd, and PhishSim User’s Manual, Pt. 1: Introduction

October 11, 2016 by Infosec

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SecurityIQ is an online learning platform that combines a phishing simulator and computer-based security awareness training system in one easy-to-use cloud-based service. SecurityIQ allows your organization to achieve total cybersecurity compliance by enrolling everyone in your organization into our automated campaigns.


AwareEd delivers world-class, highly interactive security awareness training to any organization by allowing it to enroll learners, assign the appropriate educational modules to learners based on their roles within the organization, and configure the time frame in which the learning should take place. Users will then have immediate access to the AwareEd courses and receive enrollment notifications and reminders while they progress through the training.

AwareEd training modules cover a wide range of topics and are all composed of short lectures followed by realistic exercises. This approach is a technique that has been proven to increase learner retention, course completion, and interest in the program.


PhishSim improves an employee’s ability to resist phishing messages through the use of automated phishing simulation. Choose from a library of tested phishing attack templates or create your own, define a timeframe in which the tests will be delivered and how many times you want to repeat the tests, and SecurityIQ takes it from there. Your employees will begin receiving simulated phishing attacks and immediate education if they should fall victim to the test.


SecurityIQ reporting allows you to quickly assess the progress of your organization’s AwareEd and PhishSim campaigns by seeing exactly who has completed security awareness courses or who has “taken the bait” in the simulated phishing attacks. This empowers you to make immediate decisions on how to best tailor your training to meet your goals as quickly as possible.

Reporting also allows you to rapidly measure the success of your training activities and easily visualize the successful return on your investment.

Posted: October 11, 2016
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