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Average Security Officer Salary in 2018

October 4, 2017 by Infosec

You’ve probably seen the numerous hacking attempts and data theft report on the news and around the Internet. Security and protection of data is an important role that companies create to ensure that their customers are protected. The role of security officer oversees how data is used and manipulated and creates firewalls and protection against hackers who steal corporate data to sell in the black market.

Prerequisites: How to Get Into the Security Industry

The obvious prerequisite is knowing network and Internet security. You should also have a firm grasp of how databases work, the SQL language, and how to protect against attacks such as SQL injection. The security officer role usually oversees several teams of security experts, so you also should know how to manage people and how to implement new ideas introduced by your team.

If you have a little knowledge in security but aren’t sure if you qualify to enter into the security management position, you can look into the CISSP certification which will give you the skills you need to identify threats and work with the latest tools in preventing data theft. For more information on how you can start the process of earning your CISSP, fill out the form below to receive a course syllabus and pricing information:

What Does a Security Officer Do?

A security officer in IT oversees most of the firewalls, networking support, database administration, and email protection that are used in the corporate environment. You basically need to have a wide range of security understanding and skills to work with enterprise networks, because there are several ways to open the doors from the outside. Hackers are always looking for ways to steal corporate data (think Target hack) and gain access to customer information. As the security officer, you’re responsible for taking action that defends whole systems and not just one part of the system. For this reason, you should be familiar with email security, database security, firewalls, networking, software development and basic server administration.

What Type of Salary Does an IT Security Officer Make?

Take a look at the following salary information to get an idea of the salary potential for security officers in IT.

Security Officer Salary
The graph above shows many positions that aren’t related to IT, but the starting salary for an IT security officer is $18,000 each year. You can build up with experience and certifications to work with higher end salaries. As you persist in your career and gain more knowledge, you can make about $50,000 each year with the right training and experience.

Security officers are the starting point for more in-depth security positions such as network security and network administration. These jobs increase your salary to $80,000 each year and up to $150,000 each year as a CTO or CIO of an organization. In other words, an IT security officer is just the beginning of a fruitful career in IT.

The IT industry is booming with careers, especially in the security industry. At first, the salaries might seem lower, but with the right experience and certifications, you can grow to be a lead in the security and technical fields.

Posted: October 4, 2017
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