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ISSA Thought Leadership Webinar: Security Awareness Strategies That Work

February 27, 2018 by Infosec

If 2017’s explosion of cybersecurity breaches taught us anything, it’s that our workforces, more than ever, are one of our most critical defenses. But with as much as 30% of employees unable to spot a phishing email, how do you keep hackers from hijacking your data? The seemingly obvious answer is security awareness training. Unfortunately, many security education programs today fail to change employees’ security attitudes sufficiently, skills and behaviors — providing a false sense of protection and safety. Even worse, 48% of companies do not have an employee security education program.

Expert Panel Discussion: Security Awareness Strategies That Work
If your cybersecurity plans include launching a security awareness initiative, or reviving an existing one, what better way to guarantee results than to learn from pros who have been in your shoes. They share:

  • Their most effective security awareness strategies to improve your organization’s security posture
  • Proven methods to get employees to take security seriously (before a breach occurs)
  • Security awareness program pitfalls to avoid and biggest lessons learned
  • Predictions on what will cyber attacks will look like in the next couple years and what you should do in your security awareness program today to prepare


  • Jack Koziol, President & Founder, InfoSec Institute
  • Marnie Wilking, CISO, Orion Health
  • Mike Towers, CISO, Allergan

Moderated by:

  • Robb Reck, CISO, Ping Identity

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Posted: February 27, 2018
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