New! PhishSim Auto Reports Dashboard & Cryptocurrency Phishing Templates

May 1, 2018 by Jenna Hulbert

SecurityIQ just released a new Auto Reports Dashboard for PhishSim allowing you to track your phishing campaigns in real-time. This comprehensive dashboard continually assesses your phishing campaign data, generating beautiful and insightful metrics to quickly identify pain points and determine next steps for your awareness program. In addition, instantly download PDF summaries for any of your dashboard metrics, a useful reporting tool at the conclusion of your campaign.  Also available in this release are five new cryptocurrency templates. Train to combat data compromise from this escalating phishing trend.

PhishSim Auto Reports

Your PhishSim dashboard reveals snapshots of your phishing campaign, measuring your organization’s security savvy, instantly. Automated dashboard analytics include:

  • Event timeline — How quickly your organization was phished with the current campaign, and how long it took your human sensors to report the incident via PhishNotify
  • Learner grades — Direct effect overview your campaign had on learner grades
  • Campaign summary — Learner metrics and performance in chart form for easy accessibility
  • Response results — Click through rates on phishing templates categorized by risk behavior level
  • Phish timeline — Breakdown of phishing timeline, illustrating when links were clicked during your campaign
  • PhishNotify — Summary of learners who recognized and reported a phishing attack
  • Template performance — Repeat offenders and the templates that made your organization most vulnerable
  • Training effectiveness — Learners phished and of those, who did and did not take awareness training in order to illustrate training needs and map out follow up activities
  • Browser vulnerability — Direct comparison of those phished against out-of-date browsers, emphasizing the importance of keeping systems current

Additional Auto Reports Capabilities:

  • Automatic email notification with report dashboard link sent when campaign ends
  • Downloadable PDF report
  • 20+ summary fields available to quickly spot weaknesses
  • And more!

Five New Cryptocurrency Phishing Templates

According to the SEC, companies lose $9 million daily due to breaches from cryptocurrency scams, and phishing emails are the most common form of attack. SecurityIQ released five new phishing templates to address this scam epidemic. Train your workforce and protect your data with these new simulation templates:

  • Coinbase (A): Verify password change
  • Coinbase (B): Verify account
  • Coinbase Bitcoin Offer: Claim your discount now
  • Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet: Receive a free bitcoin wallet
  • Bitcoin Attachment: Open attachment   

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Posted: May 1, 2018
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