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MongoDB Pentesting for Absolute Beginners

August 14, 2015 by Infosec

MongoDB Pentesting for Absolute Beginners

74 Page eBook 

Are you a security freak looking to learn MongoDB penetration testing? If so, our eBook “MongoDB Pentesting for Absolute Beginners” is the perfect way to pick up the basics. This book explains common misconfigurations seen in MongoDB and walks the readers through the basics. A lab is then setup followed by assessments which include Identifying and fixing NoSQL Injection and automated assessments with NoSQLMAP.

During the lab setup phase, readers will setup everything from scratch, which includes installing MongoDB and bringing it up, setting up a database for practicing MongoDB assessments, installing PHP drivers and setting up a vulnerable web application for practicing NoSQL Injection attacks with MongoDB.

Below is the high level overview:

  1. Introduction and Lab setup
  2. Vulnerability Assessments
  3. Attacking Applications
  4. Automated Assessments
Posted: August 14, 2015
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