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Infosec’s Top Podcasts to Take Your Skills to the Next Level

February 14, 2019 by Daniel Brecht

Are you interested in starting a career as an information security (infosec) professional? Today’s shortage of infosec pros causes many jobs to go unfilled. That provides a great opportunity to consider this field for individuals either starting out in the industry or looking to change their career path.

There are many opportunities for IT security-related professionals and other employees to further hone their skills. In particular, podcasts and webinars — Web-based platforms for learning — are available to cover specific topics under the direction of presenters and facilitators with extensive knowledge. Opportunities are widely available, and well-regarded vendors such as InfoSec Institute not only offer information security courses to help learn at different levels and for a variety of roles in an organization, but also to prepare for industry standard certifications and take a wide range of security-specific classes.

Podcasts and webinars offer the possibility to focus on a specific topic. IT practitioners can follow them anytime and anywhere, directly from an app or website. The possibility of choosing specific topics (like security awareness) is particularly attractive for professionals with a hectic schedule, as it gives them a chance to digest bite-sized information sessions on the go. InfoSec Institute has series of digital audio or video file episodes that users can download and view on their personal devices in order to listen to at their convenience or refer back to when needed.

Options are available also for those who value more traditional learning styles: virtual webinars, Web lectures and presentations held via the Internet in real time offer the conference/classroom feel while retaining flexibility and ease of participation from anywhere.

The Institute’s Must-See (and Hear) Podcasts and Webinars for the Modern-Day InfoSec Pro

InfoSec Institute offers a number of options in this area. The CyberSpeak Podcast series is a collection of interviews in which IT and security experts share their insights into a new topic — from security awareness to trends in infosec and certifications to careers and cybercrime.

In addition, webinars are also available on a variety of topics. IT experts discuss best practices and proven tips to address cybersecurity or safe proof of companies’ assets.

Get Started in IT Security (InfoSec and Cybersecurity)

Many podcast and webinars are devoted to this topic. These sessions discuss getting into these rewarding careers and tips for professionals early in their careers.

  • Get Started in Cybersecurity: Beginner Tips, Certifications and Career Paths: Cybersecurity professional and instructor Keatron Evans shares tips and answers live questions on the first steps in the IT industry and how to change career paths. Topics include certifications and how to prepare, as well as the skills and mindset necessary in this profession. This recording is also available as a webinar and video version.
  • How to Start a Cybersecurity Career in Just Six Months: This video also features Keatron Evans discussing basic knowledge, hands-on opportunities and free resources and tutorials.
  • Breaking into IT: From First Job to Advanced Certs with CompTIA: In this on-demand webinar Teresa Sears (senior director of certification products for CompTIA skills certifications) and Christine Tuttleman (business information security officer, CompTIA SME and member of the CompTIA Technical Advisory Committee) discuss how to use certifications to change careers and transition into new roles. Registrants find out which entry-level skills to advance. They discuss how certifying with CompTIA can “validate the skills of various IT roles and show a deeper mastery, opening up more job opportunities,” in the words of James Stanger (senior director, products, at CompTIA).
  • Cybersecurity Careers: Setting Yourself Apart in a Competitive Field. In this webinar, InfoSec instructor Cliff Jones discusses career opportunities, the role of a Security+ certification and an overview of the credential.

Specific Careers

So how does one become an IT security or cybersecurity professional? Well, these podcasts and webinars provide insight about the relevant work experience, training and the right certifications that are important. Recognized experts share their career path and growth within the profession.


  • CRISC Roadmap: The Highest-Paying Certification: Registrants can hear this podcast about work experience in risk management and information system control as defined by the CRISC job practice. This certification can bring a significant salary boost for certified professionals with the knowhow “to identify, address and manage potential cybersecurity-related issues through IT risk assessments that allow them to prevent malicious attacks, potentially leading to network damage or loss of privacy of data.” The IT Risk Analyst’s responsibilities and duties include being able to recommend mitigation strategies to protect an organization’s systems from malicious events. Also watch the webinar version.
  • On-Demand Webinar: 5 Ways an IAPP Privacy Certification Can Boost Your Career: As privacy laws and regulations become stricter and more complicated, the need is growing for professionals able to navigate and apply privacy precepts to their company’s cybersecurity structure. This webinar discusses IAPP privacy certifications, how to choose the right one and how they can help boost a professional’s career.
  • CISSP Exam Changes: Tips to Pass the New CAT Format: This CyberSpeak Podcast discusses challenges related to the new computer adaptive testing (CAT) format for the CISSP test. It also covers benefits and tips to pass the test with flying colors. Participants will also be able to download a free 12-page e-book: CISSP Exam Tips from Students and Instructors.


Today, with online free resources abounding, it might be hard for professionals who already have little time to spare to weed through all the options and find valuable information. Webinars and podcast featuring recognized experts can be a convenient way to learn from established professionals in the field. They provide access to real-life experiences and can address current topics in a more-focused manner while giving the flexibility pros need by being on-demand.

What’s more, audiocasts and videocasts prove to be a valuable source in helping trainees stay up-to-date on all things infosec and provide insights into a range of career options that might eventually be open to them.


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Posted: February 14, 2019
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