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Average Information Assurance Analyst Salary in 2018

November 5, 2017 by Infosec

Information assurance employees work with tons of data, so if you like to work with databases and big data, this job is for you. An information assurance person is a bit different than a database administrator or DBA. An information assurance employee defines the standards that protect the data as it’s processed, stored and transferred to other systems. In other words, this job is a data security specialist.

Prerequisite: What Do I Need to Get Into IA?

Having a foundation of how data is transferred and stored is the first step. Most IA professionals have a certain platform they prefer or have experience enough to call themselves a professional. When you start working with terabytes of data, you get into big data concerns, which take much more experience than relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server.

You can take a step forward with this career and look into a certification called DoDRMF. This certification identifies your skills in risk management and design of standards that protect company data. This test ties in with the Department of Defense, so having it shows your technical skills as well as data management skills. Fill out the form below for a course syllabus and pricing details for our various training options.

What Do IA Professionals Do?

Years ago, data was stored in one place where an application would use it to display information. Now, data is transformed, transferred between platforms and stored in the cloud for thousands of employees. An IA understands all of these processes and identifies where there could be leaks in information safety. The IA has security controls, data design skills, and the ability to understand how data works between platforms. He can also set standards throughout departments to determine how data is used and who can access it. In two words, an IA is a cyber defense for the business.

How Much Does an IA Make?

The salary range for an IA is large, but experienced IA professionals make a great income. Take a look at the chart below to get an idea of what an IA’s salary is worth.

information assurance salary
Notice that a starting point is about $40,000 each year. After a while, you start to understand databases and information technology a little better, and this puts you in a more experienced category for your income. A senior analyst or information assurance professional makes over $100,000 each year. An intrusion protection expert makes about $105,000 each year. This specialist focuses on protecting data from hackers and disgruntled internal employees who want to steal data. Overall, expect to start in the $50,000 each year range and then work to over $100,000 each year. This type of salary is a great income in many areas, but you can expect higher incomes when you work in areas with a higher cost of living.

If you like the security industry and you’re experience with data and how it’s stored, this industry is great for you. With a median salary range of about $75,000 each year, it’s a great place to build a long-term career.

Posted: November 5, 2017
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