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How to become an APT hunter with Carbon Black

June 3, 2019 by Jeff Peters

David Balcar, security strategist at Carbon Black, has every security newcomer’s dream job — hunting down advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other high-level attackers. Balcar discusses his 18-year security career and some of the most unusual APTs out there today on this episode of the Cyber Work podcast.

In the podcast, Balcar and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– How did you first get interested in computers and security? (1:15)
– How has the cybersecurity landscape changed since you first got involved? (3:45)
– What are some of the job titles and responsibilities that gave you the tools you needed to excel in cybersecurity? (5:20)
– What’s one step listeners can take today to get a step closer to a career in threat hunting? (7:10)
– What are APTs and how does hunting them differ from standard threat hunting? (8:40)
– What set of skills, certifications and training will best prepare professionals wanting to move into APT threat hunting and analysis? (12:00)
– Are there any downsides to the kind of work you do? (13:20)
– Do you have examples of some of the biggest and scariest APTs out there right now? (14:50)
– What are the targets of attack tools, and why are they so hard to identify? (17:15)
– Do you ever go on the offensive, or is that outside your purview? (20:15)
– What do financial institutions have to do to fight off these ferocious cybercriminals? (22:35)
– What are organizations looking for when hiring people with APT-hunting experience? (23:45)
– What aspects of a security program should organizations improve if they’re worried about APTs? (25:55)

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Posted: June 3, 2019
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