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Average Data Warehouse Analyst Salary in 2018

November 15, 2017 by Infosec

Data warehousing is a phrase given to large databases that store thousands of terabytes across several data centers. Data warehousing focuses on security and performance of databases and the company’s data. The increase in the number of data centers and large networks has given rise to a new type of job opportunity: data warehouse analyst.

Prerequisites: What Do You Need to Get Into Data Warehouse Analyst Opportunities?

Data warehousing analysts must be able to analyze and work with a number of database platforms and architecture. You’ll need to know how to set up new databases, organize and manage database storage and performance and manage security that protects the database from hackers.

You’ll need to understand how to work with MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server. You’ll also need to know the SQL language, which is somewhat different with each database platform. Fill out the form below to learn more about our current SQL training offerings:

What Does a Data Warehouse Analyst Do?

There are several responsibilities when you take on the role of data warehouse analyst. Data analysts identify specific issues with data storage and performance and implement answers to those questions. Data analyst who deal with warehousing are interested in the intricate parts of data performance and how they can protect data from hackers. Analysts are designers with the ability to create standards that are later implemented for the company. You’ll usually work in a data warehouse, which is essentially a large data center. The data center could hold only one company’s data or it could hold several thousands of companies’ data. The responsibilities are usually dependent on the company you work for and the amount of data and users you support.

What Salary Does a Data Warehouse Analyst Make?

Data warehouse analysts make excellent salaries, and it’s not too competitive since it’s rare to find a good analyst who can handle a large warehouse data platform. Take a look at the following graph to view some income trends.

data warehouse salary

Notice that the average data warehouse analyst position is about $100,000 each year, which is an excellent salary for people in most areas. You can start off making about $80,000 each year, but even this beginner salary requires that you know about databases and how they work. You’ll need some type of experience before you get into data warehousing at the architect or analyst level. You can work your way up to a manager, which has an average salary of about $125,000 each year. A BI analyst makes about $82,000 each year, which is a position for reporting and data. The basic salary for a data warehouse analyst specialist is about $90,000 each year. When you start to specialize, you get other ranges for your salaries. An analyst for ETL jobs is about $95,000 each year, which is also a great salary in any area.

The opportunities for data analyst at the warehouse level are numerous, and you can make a great salary as you work with large companies to secure data and improve performance. This job is great for anyone in IT who loves working with databases.

Posted: November 15, 2017
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