Cybersecurity Weekly: Social media fraud surges in America, CISA’s ‘Must Patch” list and COVID-19 testing scams

January 31, 2022 by Camille Raymond

FTC reports a whopping $770 million lost in social media fraud, CISA releases new ‘Must Patch’ list and a 521% COVID-19 testing scams increase. All this, and more, in this week’s edition of Cybersecurity Weekly.


1. FTC: Americans lost $770 million from social media fraud surge

Americans are increasingly targeted by scammers on social media, according to tens of thousands of reports received by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2021.
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2. CISA’s ‘Must Patch’ List puts spotlight on vulnerability management processes

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s catalog of known exploited vulnerabilities can be useful not only for helping organizations patch high-risk vulnerabilities in their systems, but also to help them build or improve vulnerability management processes..

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3. Number of COVID-19 testing scams jumps sharply

The number of COVID-19 test-related phishing scams increased by 521% between October 2021 and January 2022, according to a report published by Barracuda Networks, a provider of security and data protection platforms.

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4. 53% of medical devices have a known critical vulnerability

After a year of unprecedented ransomware attacks on hospitals and healthcare systems – and with healthcare now the #1 target for cybercriminals – critical medical device risks in hospital environments continue to leave hospitals and their patients vulnerable to cyber attacks and data security issues.

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5. Lazarus hackers use Windows Update to deploy malware

Hacking group Lazarus has added the Windows Update client to its list of living-off-the-land binaries (LoLBins) and is now actively using it to execute malicious code on Windows systems.

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Posted: January 31, 2022
Camille Raymond
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