Cybersecurity Weekly: IRS leak, TikTok bug, James Webb telescope photo installs malware

September 6, 2022 by Ryan Miner

IRS confirms data leak of personal info, TikTok bug in Android allows account hijack, and hackers use James Webb space telescope to install malware. All these and more in this week’s edition of Cybersecurity Weekly.

1. IRS data leak exposes personal info of 120,000 taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service has accidentally leaked confidential information for approximately 120,000 taxpayers who filed a form 990-T as part of their tax returns.
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2. TikTok for Android bug allows single-click account hijack

A security vulnerability (CVE-2022-28799) in one of TikTok for Android’s deeplinks could affect billions of users, Microsoft warns.
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3. James Webb Space Telescope snap might actually contain malware

Seriously, is nothing sacred? A photo from the James Webb Space Telescope is being used to smuggle Windows malware onto victims’ computers – albeit in a roundabout way.
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4. Inside Fog Data Science, the secretive company selling mass surveillance to local police

A data broker has been selling raw location data about individual people to federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.
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5. Be aware: Instagram phishing attack underway

BleepingComputer reports that thousands of Instagram users are being targeted in an ongoing phishing campaign that uses blue-badge offers as lures.
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Posted: September 6, 2022
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