Cybersecurity Weekly: CISO priority shift, Facebook Messenger phishing operation, Tesla vulnerable to NFC hack

June 13, 2022 by Ryan Miner

CISOs shifting their priorities as threat landscape evolves, massive Facebook Messenger phishing operation generates millions and Tesla vehicles are vulnerable to NFC hack that can lead to thefts. All these and more in this week’s edition of Cybersecurity Weekly.

1. In a Quickly Evolving Landscape, CISOs Shift Their 2022 Priorities

Cloud migration, DevSecOps, cyber insurance, and more have emerged as important motivators for cybersecurity investment and focus.
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2. Black Basta Ransomware Teams Up with Malware Stalwart Qbot

The novel cybercriminal group tapped the ever-evolving info-stealing trojan to move laterally on a network in a recent attack, researchers have found.
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3. Hacking group quietly spied on their targets for 10 years

Hackers crafted social lures and used a fake removable device to trick targets into installing malware.
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4. Massive Facebook Messenger phishing operation generates millions

Researchers have uncovered a large-scale phishing operation that abused Facebook and Messenger to lure millions of users to phishing pages.
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5. Hackers can steal Tesla vehicles via NFC vulnerability

Tesla Models 3 and Y can be unlocked and stolen via a bug in their NFC software. Late-model S and X cars are probably vulnerable, too.
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Posted: June 13, 2022
Ryan Miner
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