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Infosec Skills May Challenge: You’re our only hope!

May 1, 2022 by Elise Chan

A little bit ago in a galaxy not so far away …

The May Challenge appeared — along with a chance to claim this month’s bounty! Are you ready to put theory into practice and get hands-on experience with CompTIA exam objectives? We’ve included labs from three of our most popular certification learning paths:

  • Security+
  • PenTest+
  • CySA+

Be sure to share your certificate of completion on LinkedIn and tag our @Infosec profile for your chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card, Infosec hoodie and a free year of on-demand training with Infosec Skills. May the Fourth be with you!

Who can participate?

Anyone with an Infosec Skills account can unlock the monthly challenge. Don’t have an account? Fill out our quick form to create your free account today.

With a free account, you’ll have access to the monthly challenge and other featured content to help keep your cyber skills sharp.

Are you ready to try these real-world tactics and techniques?

For a chance to be named one of our champions, you’ll need to play both offense and defense, keep an eye on the clock, and stay a step ahead of your opponent. So what stands between you and your chance at victory? We’ve bundled three hands-on labs to put your cybersecurity skills to the test.

Lab #1 — Security+ Network Security and Diagnostics

Start out by creating a layered network security system to prevent unauthorized parties access on a large scale.

Lab #2 — PenTest+ Basic Scripting

Next you’ll explore common scripting using Python and Bash to communicate with different protocols, operating systems and programs.

Lab #3 — CySA+ Digital Forensics Techniques

To wrap up this month’s Challenge, you’ll get hands-on with Wireshark — the world’s foremost and most widely-used network protocol analyzer —  to see what’s occurring on your network at a microscopic level.

Congratulate our monthly winners!

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page. New winners are announced every month. Once you complete this month’s Skills Challenge, don’t forget to tag @Infosec with your certificate of completion for your chance to win!

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Posted: May 1, 2022
Elise Chan
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Elise is a communications professional with seven years of experience in a variety of industries — ranging from insurance to website development. As a product marketing manager at Infosec, Elise focuses on helping cyber professionals discover and understand what training is best for their team.

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