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Cyber Crime Has Evolved: Is Your Organization Keeping Pace?

August 13, 2015 by Jonathan Lampe

Cyber Crime Has Evolved: Is Your Organization Keeping Pace, is a webinar hosted by our own Jonathan Lampe. In this presentation we’ll discuss how cyber-crime has evolved from ‘script kiddies’ and worms to state actors, hacktivists and APTs. We will also discuss what advanced defensive tools and techniques are available in the areas of Incident Response, Network Forensics, and Auditing.

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Posted: August 13, 2015
Jonathan Lampe
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Jonathan Lampe, CISSP has led the development of award-winning security software and supporting services for Standard Networks, Ipswitch, and  SolarWinds.  He holds computer science and business degrees from Northern Illinois University and the University of Wisconsin, and currently holds SANS GSNA and CCSK certifications in addition to his (ISC)2 credentials.  When not coding, hacking, or writing, Lampe likes to spend time with his family in the beautiful Wisconsin outdoors.