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Crowdstrike: Cloud-Delivered Endpoint Protection [product overview]

October 30, 2018 by Graeme Messina


Crowdstrike Endpoint Protection is a cloud-based solution that provides protection for devices such as computers and laptops. It was recently awarded “Highest IN Execution & Furthest in Vision” in the “Visionaries Quadrant” of the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant For Endpoint Protection Platforms. Its success is due to the key performance features that it has been developed with, including a next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response and managed threat hunting.

These core elements allow Crowdstrike to deliver high-performance protection against all attack types, from both malware and malware-free instances of threats. It can provide heightened visibility of your network and surrounding infrastructure, including five-second visibility of incoming threats across all endpoint nodes on the network. Crowdstrike has a dedicated team that works around the clock to help identify attacks and stop breaches.   

All of these features create a SaaS offering that protects your endpoints from threats that are both known and still surfacing. Having human based monitoring and threat assessment capabilities gives Crowdstrike an advantage over the threats that they are protecting your network from, as they can adapt and change their response according to the way that the threat evolves over time.  

All of Crowdstrike’s Endpoint Protection features can be summarized as:


  • SaaS-delivered  
  • Uses a lightweight agent
  • Developed from scratch
  • Offers users real-time visibility
  • Threat intelligence
  • Streamlined threat defense


Key Features

As we can see, Crowdstrike uses many advanced features to bring your network enhanced levels of protection and security, so we will drill down into each one and look at how they work, and what they offer your environment.


The way that Crowdstrike is deployed via cloud-based delivery systems means that it is able to eliminate all of the complexity that is associated with traditional endpoint security systems. This gives its users the ability to stay up-to-date and fully protected at all times. Falcon is focused on being able to integrate with customer’s existing security stacks and uses an “API-first” approach to ensure easier interoperability and integration with your existing security solutions.

Lightweight Agent

Something that differentiates this product from other similar endpoints is the way that it requires no signature updates or scans. This ensures that your endpoint is not impacted and bogged down, giving you enhanced performance on client devices, where resources are at a premium.

Developed from Scratch

When Crowdstrike built this platform, it was done with only the best protection technologies in mind. As a result, Crowdstrike is able to leverage AI and Machine Learning to help combat both known threats, and to identify new ones that have not yet been classified. Add to this the IOA (Indicator of Attack) technologies, which is a behavioral analysis system, and you quickly see how Crowdstrike is able to protect against hidden threats.

Real-Time Visibility

Each of Crowdstrike’s different endpoint features are highly visible to you, which means that from the first indications of suspicious activity you can monitor and investigate all of the different components that make up an attack. This can be a real eye-opener if you want to view the current state of your IT infrastructure’s health and hygiene.

Threat Intelligence

This is the technology that drives Crowdstrike’s malware-hunting capabilities and is natively integrated into it so that all attack vectors can be clearly identified and understood. This ultimately allows users to streamline a threat response and stay better-protected.

Streamlined Threat Defense

Crowdstrike has been streamlined to let you and your team evolve and adapt your approach to security to a more proactive one, allowing your organization to better anticipate and manage threats as they occur. This is heightened further by the inclusion of Falcon’s Overwatch proactive threat-hunting service.

SecurityIQ Awareness Education Integration

InfoSec Institute recently announced that their revolutionary real-time threat training system, SecurityIQ, is now able to integrate with Crowdstrike. This is possible thanks to SecurityIQ’s REST API implementation, combined with Crowdstrike’s ability to integrate with existing security infrastructure and applications within the organization. These two functions work well together, allowing for easy interoperability.

Real-time threat training is a massive security advantage for organizations that value user awareness and upskilling in the fight against malware and viruses. The SecurityIQ platform is a microlearning program that gives learners only the most concise and relevant information related to the threat that they are currently facing, allowing them to rapidly deal with an imminent attack.

This approach differs from traditional training, as it can deploy training to your users at a moment’s notice, and when they need it most. This can help your organization identify any shortcomings in user awareness training and ensures that your personnel are adequately and properly informed about the threats that they are facing in real-time. A live demo can be found here.


Crowdstrike Endpoint Protection delivers threat intelligence and threat defense in a modern and lightweight agent. As a result, viruses, intrusions and malware are more easily detected, contained and controlled. Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning platforms underpin the system, giving you the upper hand when dealing with both known and unknown threats.

InfoSec Institute’s SecurityIQ provides an additional, critical layer of user training that helps to bridge the gap even further by giving your users the training and information that they need when they need it the most. This helps to build a culture of security consciousness within your organization and helps to protect and secure your infrastructure, data and proprietary secrets from harm.



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Posted: October 30, 2018
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