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Closing the cyber skills gap

February 15, 2019 by Jeff Peters

On this episode of the CyberSpeak with InfoSec Institute podcast, Kathleen Hyde, chair of cybersecurity programs at Champlain College online, discusses a topic that’s a big part of InfoSec Institute’s initiative for the coming years — finding new and innovative ways of closing the cyber skills gap.

In the podcast, Hyde and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– What is the biggest cause of the cybersecurity skills gap? (1:00)
– With the half-life of cyber skills around two years, how do you deal with keeping people’s skills up to date? (2:30)
– Do you prefer recruiting people from a tech background or a non-tech background? (4:55)
– Do you agree with the theory that the skills gap is really just a training gap? (7:00)
– How are educators creating cybersecurity curricula keeping everything current? (8:05)
– Is getting kids interested in cybersecurity a viable option to close the skills gap? (9:40)
– How should HR and management assess the skills gap within their organization? (11:10)
– With so many different types of cybersecurity-related roles, are their any areas where the skills gap is shrinking or non-existent? (14:10)
– Are there any areas or specialties where students can focus to make themselves more attractive to recruiters? (15:10)
– What are some strategies to ensure companies are finding the best-qualified candidates and vice versa? (18:30)
– Could the skills gap be closed up by bringing in more diverse candidates than we’ve traditionally found in the industry? (20:55)
– Is security-as-a-service part of the solution to the skills gap? (25:50)
– If you had a magic wand to solve the skills gap, what actions would you take? (27:50)

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Posted: February 15, 2019
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