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Average DIACAP Salary in 2018

November 10, 2017 by Stephen Moramarco

The Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) was an essential DoD process for making sure internal government military information systems were secure, confidential and readily accessible at all times. It was implemented on November 28, 2007 and retired in 2015 (replaced by the Risk Management Framework or RMF).

What is the average DIACAP salary?

There is limited information on the 2017 average salary of DIACAP. Since it is an annual certification, most still working in DoD have upgraded to DIARMF, which can be done through a separate exam. For the closest comparison, the job of Information Assurance Manager, is one that used to be DIACAP and is now RMF; it has an average nationwide salary of $83,443.

What is the average DIACAP salary by military branch?

Branch Salary
Army $105,002
US Air Force $79,340
Navy $76,573

Of the main military branches that utilize IA managers, the U.S. Army pays the best, with an average of $105,002.

What is the average DIACAP salary by experience?

Years Experience
1-5 years $65,000
5-10 $75,000
10-20 $92,000
20+ $91,000

IA managers continue to be in demand, and those with experience and certification start off with a solid $65,000 per year. Those with more than 10 years (and likely have had a DIACAP cert) earn slightly more.

What is average DIACAP salary by location?

State Salary
California $64,800
Florida $52,500

There is little data available for DIACAP by location. Salaries from the sunniest states suggest a $10,000 discrepancy between coasts.

What are the benefits of becoming DIACAP certified?

Since DIACAP is no longer the standard, there is no benefits for becoming certified. However, if you’ve been DIACAP certified before, you can switch over to DIARMF relatively easily.

How can I become DIACAP/DIARMF Certified?

InfoSec Institute offers the most in-depth course available for students looking to learn about the RMF for DoD information technology. Click here to learn more about this accelerated, four-day Boot Camp.

Posted: November 10, 2017
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