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Average Data Security Architect Salary

October 1, 2017 by Ryan Fahey

Data is the backbone of any corporation, and as a data architect, you can design, structure, and maintain data and databases for an excellent salary. Your designs will drive corporate processes, so be ready for loads of responsibility that pay well for good performance. If you like data architecture, reporting, and the SQL language, you’ll love to get into the data architect job industry.

Prerequisites: What You Need to Get into the Data Architect Industry

Data security architects work closely with database architects. This means that you must understand databases and how databases work to get into the data architect job industry. You need to know how to set up tables, design tables, work with the SQL language to retrieve and enter records, and troubleshoot any issues that could slow down queries and reports.

You should know how data works for companies, and what companies need to query tables and work with data. This should all be familiar to you

What Does a Data Architect Do?

Data architects have several responsibilities. First, you design the way data is stored and manipulated. You are the one who comes up with table designs and queries. There are three major databases you work with: Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server. There are others, but you will be responsible for one of these servers, so it helps to understand at least one of these architectural platforms. You should try to be an expert in at least one platform to fully design reports, web pages, and queries that use them.

You might be responsible for some database work. Databases are the powerhouse behind the data you design and store. You’ll be responsible for tweaking the database storage, understanding table design on the database, and speed up the processes such as queries and applications that use the database for backend data.

How Much Does a Data Architect Make?

As you can see from the following image, data architects are one of the highest paid salaries in the IT job industry.

A standard data architect makes $115,000 each year. That’s a great salary in several locations. A big data architect makes about $140,000 each year. Big data is a growing trend for many companies that need large amounts of data manipulated and stored for high-end reporting. A big data architect can command a great salary.

You can also choose to specialize and work specifically with external cloud platforms and their data. For instance, Salesforce is one of the most popular sales platforms on the Internet. You can specialize in Salesforce design and database structure and make about $90,000 each year. You can also look into cloud architecture. Cloud data architects design data and reports that work in the cloud, usually through the user’s browser. A cloud data architect makes about $115,000 each year.

If you are interested in formal training to become a Data Architect, the ISSAP (Information Systems Security Architecture Process) boot camp provides you with an industry-recognized certification.

Posted: October 1, 2017
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