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10 Future-Use Cases for Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs) in the Workplace

August 24, 2017 by Stephen Moramarco

Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs) such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s Now and Amazon’s Alexa continue to be adopted by many people in both their personal and professional lives. But as AI capabilities continue to grow, the next generation robot aide will be much more common in the workplace and could help us in interesting and productive ways.

We took a look at the top ten innovations and trends and used our own predictive analysis to come up with ten IPAs that could be coming to an office near you sooner than you think.

  1. Talent Scout

IPAs will make HR departments run much more efficiently. It can serve as talent recruiter, searching millions of resumes as well as other databases such as LinkedIn and finding the most qualified people. The Talent Scout IPA could receive and examine applications sent to the company and conduct initial interviews. It could also find promising talent through social media searches, perhaps contacting them when they mention they are on a job search.

  1. Teacher/Coach

Your IPA will not just be your servant, but also your mentor. IPAs will analyze work processes and help employees become better at their job. Many professionals need continual skill training or certification; your IPA will keep current with the latest information and methods and make sure you are moving towards achieving your goals.

  1. Worker Bot

Repetitive tasks lead to greater errors, increased stress and decreased worker morale. Yet according to some studies, it accounts for 25% of our job duties. An AI worker bot can not only handle obviously repetitive tasks but may also find ways to streamline that you did not think of. With these tasks taken care of, workers can become more productive in other specialized areas and learn new skills.

  1. Research Assistant

Time consuming tasks such as research could largely be managed by IPAs, who could filter out unnecessary information instantly. Research IPAs will be able to handle many different research requests and synthesize the information for human digestion. IPAs will have unlimited memory capacity and can remember discussions and conversations.

  1. Travel Agent

More than just booking flights, travel agent IPAs will use bluffing tactics to negotiate the best prices for hotels and planes. It can also suggest local restaurants based on your dietary habits or requirements.

  1. Discreet Services Provider

Let’s face reality: there are people out there who do shady things. Unfortunately, there may be IPAs that help individuals figure out how to embezzle money, hide affairs from their wives or worse. IPAs, depending on their programming, may not be able to make moral judgements.

  1. Ethics/Compliance Overseer

On the flip side of the coin, IPAs can also be used as a tool to prevent intentional or unintentional violations of law. In the complex world of business and government, conflicts-of-interest could be flagged when potential meetings are scheduled. IPAs could be programmed to report unethical or illegal behavior.

  1. Data Analyst

“Big Data” may offer a lot of information about consumers as well as the marketplace in general, but the reality is that it is can be very difficult for a human to understand and/or process it all. IPAs will be able to look at all this data quickly and in real time, helping guide more accurate marketing strategies and decisions.

  1. Health and Wellness Advisor

As the IPA gets entwined with personal and professional lives, it will begin to “know” their human counterpart quite intimately. If it notices you are stressed or upset, it may suggest taking a break or it may also suggest you think twice about sending an angry email.

  1. Marketing Materials Generator

Do you have a big meeting with the boss or the shareholders? Your IPA will help pull together relevant stats as well as other company information and put it together in any format you like, such as Powerpoint, PDF or even video.

  1. Speech Writer

Public presentations will be easier when your IPA is able to take your own words and craft them into a speech of any length. An IPA can also coach an employee through periodic reviews as well as help identify and articulate a person’s strengths for promotions.

These are just a few ways we see IPAs entering and hopefully elevating the workplace. Do you have any ideas about the future of work? Let us know in the comments below. And please check out SecurityIQ, sign up for free, and start using our interactive AwareEd Security Awareness Modules to increase your online security savvy!


Posted: August 24, 2017
Stephen Moramarco
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