Cybersecurity training is one of the best defenses against cyber attacks targeting organizations and individuals alike. Although security training is a tried-and-true defense against cyber attacks and data breaches, security training is not one-size-fits all. Every organization faces unique threats based on their industry, cybersecurity tools and security policies and protocols. Every individual employee is challenged with different threats depending on their roles and responsibilities. And to add another level of complexity, each employee differs in their level of security awareness and ability to recognize and report attacks or suspicious activities.

Even if you’re eager to roll out cybersecurity training at your organization, you still might be wondering how to build the right training program, what tools you need to ensure success and how to pull it all off with limited time and resources.

That’s why we compiled a list of the top 9 cybersecurity training tools for you to put to use for free. Test out the free security training tools and learn how to build the right employee training program at your organization.

Top 9 free security training tools

1. Phishing Risk Test

Before launching a security awareness and training program for your entire workforce, it’s important to first understand how susceptible your employees and organization are to a cyber attack. Infosec’s Phishing Risk Test allows you to run a free simulated phishing test to see how many employees take the bait and measure your baseline phish rate.

With the Phishing Risk test, you can upload your employees, select a phishing template and send your test in minutes. The Phishing Risk Test automatically gathers results and sends your baseline phish rate in 24 hours.

phishing risk test

2. Google Phishing Quiz

Google’s phishing quiz provides a free way to test your employees’ ability to spot red flags associated with phishing emails. The quiz presents the learner with eight sample emails and asks them to predict whether the email is legitimate or a phishing email. After answering, the quiz highlights the specific elements of the email that indicate whether the email was a phishing attempt or a legitimate email.

free security training tool

3. Infosec IQ security awareness and training

The best way to prepare every employee for the cybersecurity threats they face and keep your organization secure is to run a security awareness and training program. Industry-leading security awareness platforms like Infosec IQ give you the tools, training content and support you need to prepare your workforce and dramatically reduce your security risk.

Infosec IQ’s free account allows you to explore the entire platform, including every training module, assessment, phishing template and more to determine if it is the right security training tool for your organization.

Infosec IQ free account

Create your free Infosec IQ account to get started.

4. Infosec security awareness resource center

Are you looking for free security awareness posters, infographics and training toolkits? Look no further than Infosec’s security awareness and training resource center. Along with free training tools, you can find webinars, case studies, ROI measurement tools and more to help you kick off security training today!

free security training tool

Visit the security awareness resource center.

5. OpenDNS Phishing Quiz

Similar to the Google Phishing Quiz, OpenDNS’s Phishing Quiz presents learners with a landing page and URL to test their ability to identify suspicious web pages. Send this quiz to your learners and encourage them to document their score to measure your workforce’s ability to identify suspicious web pages.

free security training tool

6. Infosec Skills free trial

Security awareness and training is perfect for general employees, but what about your IT and security staff? Test out technical skill training with a free trial of Infosec Skills. Infosec Skills is loaded with hands-on training to help IT and security professionals keep their skills sharp, stay ahead of emerging security threats and advance their careers.

Try Infosec Skill for free or request a 30-day trail of Skills Teams to build and manage a training program for your IT and security staff.

infosec skills

7. FTC cybersecurity tools for small businesses

The FTC offers a light set of information and training tools to help small businesses understand their greatest cyber risks and educate employees. The FTC’s offering includes information guides, tip sheets and advice to help you get started.

free security training tool

8. National Cybersecurity Alliance Resources Library

The National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) provides resources to help organizations keep their workforce secure. NCSA’s resource library includes tip sheets, infographics, videos and more to help keep employees secure at work and at home.

free security training tool

9. Cyber Safe Work Posters

Cyber Safe Work provides a new security awareness poster each month for free. Deliver the posters to your workforce periodically to keep cybersecurity top-of-mind all year or layer them into your ongoing security awareness and training program.

free security training tool

Employee security training is an ongoing process, but the benefits are obvious. If a cyber attack circumvents your security tools, it becomes your employees’ responsibility to keep your organization secure. Although free security training tools like those listed above can help you measure your vulnerabilities and get a head-start on educating your workforce, it takes an ongoing, comprehensive training approach to truly prepare employees and keep your organization secure.

Security awareness and training platforms are built to deliver ongoing security education and simulated phishing training to keep your workforce a step ahead of the bad guys. Security awareness tools also allow you to record training performance, track completion rates and monitor your organization’s risk profile over time so you can remain secure and compliant every step of the way. See for yourself.