On this episode of the Cyber Work podcast, Ben Rafferty, chief innovation officer at Semafone, discusses how contact centers and the person-to-person interaction involved are a prime target for cybercriminals and what can be done to better protect sensitive customer information from insider and external threats.

In the podcast, Rafferty and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– How did you first get started in cybersecurity? (1:40)
– What do you mean by “contact center”? (4:45)
– What is being sought when attacking contact centers? (6:50)
– What types of security measures do most contact centers have in place? (8:55)
– Are there other methods being used to gain access to data and systems? (10:20)
– What are your security awareness strategies for contact centers? (11:30)
– What techniques can employees use to help stop insider threats? (15:25)
– How will GDPR and California’s new privacy law affect contact centers? (17:20)
– Have you seen any test cases of organizations that have revamped their security strategies and greatly lessened their chances of a breach? (20:55)
– Is there anything consumers can do to ensure their data is being used properly? (22:55)
– What is the ideal combination to help bring contact center fraud to near zero? (27:00)
– How do you think security issues with contact centers will change in the coming years? (29:40)

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