John Torres, president of Guidepost Solutions’ Security & Technology Practice, discusses data security breaches, protecting organizations from online and physical threats, and career paths for those looking to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

In the podcast, Torres and host Chris Sienko discuss:

โ€“ When did you first get interested in computers and cybersecurity? (1:15)
โ€“ Was there any resistance to adding more of a tech-focus to your job methods? (3:40)
โ€“ What are some specific issues or attack vectors that Guidepost has been focusing on recently? (5:00)
โ€“ Are there any commonalities with breaches across industries? (7:35)
โ€“ Does your position cover both online and physical security issues? (8:45)
โ€“ What was your career path to becoming a security consultant? (10:50)
โ€“ What types of skills or background made your team members’ resumes stand out from other candidates? (14:05)
โ€“ What does your average day at Guidepost look like? (15:40)
โ€“ What’s the most challenging cybersecurity case you’ve ever worked on? (17:20)
โ€“ What are the downsides of your work? (21:00)
โ€“ How do you keep your team’s skills current? (22:40)
โ€“ What is the most important thing enterprises are or aren’t doing to protect their data? (24:55)
โ€“ What’s one thing someone can do to move towards a career in risk assessment? (26:30)
โ€“ What certifications do you look for when reviewing resumes? (28:15)
โ€“ What are the security challenges you see on the horizon? (29:20)

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