Security specialist is a general job title for a very specific skill. Security specialists understand the world of security from internal network protection to cloud application and server administration. This job title is usually reserved for an intermediate level IT professional, but some upper level administrators also have the security specialist title designation. Applicants who are already security specialists can move on to higher paying, more specific security job opportunities.

Job Description: What Does a Security Specialist Do?

Security specialists provide support services for companies that have internal technology assets. They identify current cyber threats or security holes and help companies define standards to upgrade hardware and software. They usually assist other security personnel such as a security architect or engineer. Since it’s an intermediate level position, most security specialists have some type of experience either through education or hands-on job experience. Applicants should understand all aspects of antivirus software, software design, hardware architecture, and penetration tools that identify security issues. Some security specialists code scripts that automate processes.

Security Specialist Job Responsibilities and Duties

some involve low level interaction and user support. Security specialists design, test, and implement security standards along with other personnel within the company.

  • Work with architects and engineers to create security standards across all company networks
  • Defend the internal network from outside, Internet cyber threats
  • Configure security hardware and software such as firewalls, antivirus programs, and operating system updates
  • Authorize personnel and provide login credentials for the network
  • Detect any unauthorized attempts to access the system
  • Train other employees on security best practices
  • Perform security audits on the network
  • Monitor software and hardware for any possible cyber attacks
  • Upgrade current systems with the latest patches