Consultants enjoy the freedom of working as a contractor, but they need the experience to work solely on security projects. Some consulting companies hire newer security consultant applicants to be a part of a team. Most consultants work with other experts in related IT fields such as system and network engineering. The security consultant brings the cyber security experience to the team, and together they identify hardware and software issues within an organization.

Job Description: What Does a Security Consultant Do?

A security consultant is often and advisor for overall desktop and network security. They guide managers and other IT employees, and they design systems either new or in addition to existing platforms. Because a consultant works in a contractual capacity, applicants need several skills including communication and documentation to help build secure systems and manage suggestions for future rollouts. Consultants help companies determine the right security policies, and identify any vulnerabilities within the network.

Security Consultant Job Responsibilities and Duties

Security consultants have several responsibilities, and these duties often change as they move on to a different firm. Consultants travel often to different locations, and each business has its own requirements for its consultants. Security consultants are leaders, so they must also be able to be self-motivated and able to take charge with each new assignment.

  • Identify any currently vulnerable systems and suggest changes to these systems
  • Determine the best defenses for software and hardware
  • Interview staff and managers to determine if there are any social engineering vulnerabilities
  • Document and create a risk assessment policy
  • Provide cost estimates for any system changes related to security and cyber threats
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest news and threats in the security industry
  • Plan and design network system and platforms
  • Create reports that help managers monitor network security
  • Supervise other staff and oversee any changes to network security
  • Respond to current threats and help mitigate damages