Ethical hackers are the white hat penetration testers who find vulnerabilities on a network. They use what they’ve learned in the hacking world to protect corporate networks. Some ethical hackers were former black hat hackers who changed to protecting networks instead of attacking them. They understand cyber threats, so they are the perfect part of a good company security team.

Job Description: What Does an Ethical Hacker Do?

Since ethical hackers no longer perform cyber threats, their main goal is to protect networks and perform penetration testing that keeps digital assets safe. They keep up to date on the latest security threats including viruses, trojans, and other malware. They test current and future additions to the network including hardware and software. They ensure that other security teams understand common security flaws and help monitor the network for any suspicious behavior. They sometimes use pre-made scripts or create their own to use for vulnerability testing.

Ethical Hacker Job Responsibilities and Duties

Any security position has its busy days and its slow days. When cyber attacks happen, an ethical hacker is usually a part of a security team that helps mitigate damages. They help provide support that protects the network, and some days they just need to monitor the network for any irregularities. If network security is strong, the job position doesn’t require a high level of stress. But, for security to be strong, the applicant must have a strong history in computer security.

  • Create scripts that test for vulnerabilities including penetration testing and risk assessment
  • Develop low-level tools that improve security testing and monitoring
  • Deliver detailed reports to different team members and executives that document security findings
  • Perform risk assessment across the entire network including hardware and software systems
  • Set up security policies that help personnel use best practices for digital protection
  • Review and hire vendors to incorporate security systems
  • Train staff and personnel on best practices for network security

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