If your key interest areas revolve around Information Security, than a management program like the Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP) certification by ISC2 can catapult your career to new heights. There is currently a high demand for competent management professionals due to the evolving nature and complexity of the information security environment.

The Information Systems Security Management Professional certification is a high level program that follows up the CISSP. It focuses on several aspects of information security including security features, communication channels between users and systems, access controls, identification, authentication, and authorization in information systems, and creating and maintaining standards in enterprise-wide security systems. In order to apply for the ISSMP certification program, an individual needs to possess a minimum of two years of professional experience and expertise in managing large enterprise-wide security systems or models. This program emphasizes on the various regulations and standards pertaining to different areas of systems security management, operations security and planning, enterprise-wide security systems, and legal and ethical issues.

Why ISSMP is so popular

Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP) is one of the top programs by (ISC)² also known as International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. It is a non-profit organization that offers specially designed certification programs that cater to the growing needs of global organizations in areas related to information security. The ISSMP certification program validates the ability of professionals to create and implement fundamentally strong and highly effective information system security management programs, which meet the current and future security needs of global IT organizations.

Average Pay after ISSMP Certification

On completion of the Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP) program, professionals will have a definite edge in the information systems security market. You can see the average salary by job position in the following table:

Average Salary for ISSMP Certified Professionals by Job Title

Job Title Salary Data
Information Security Manager $137,523.00
Security Director $140,368.00
Senior Privacy & Security Analyst $90,000.00

The starting average annual salary is currently $114,000. The national salary trend for ISSMP has seen some major low periods between April and July 2013 but has made tremendous improvement since then. It hit an all time high in January 2014 and has remained fairly stable since then as can be seen from the following graph:

ISSMP Salary
Post Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP) certification; there are several options available to individuals in terms of job designations. Some of the entry level positions include Security Architect, Network Security Architect, Security Analyst, and Solutions Architect. The mid and high level designations can vary according to experience and organization. Some of the common designations include Senior Compliance Analyst, Senior Solutions Architect – Information Security, Assistant Director – Information Security, and Chief Information Security Officer among others.

What sets ISSMP certification apart from other information security certifications?

The Information Systems Security Management Professional (ISSMP) program is one of the top programs that provide an overview of various managerial elements related to the ever changing information security landscape. The program offers a deeper insight into key elements like risk management, project management, and continuity planning. The core areas of focus in the ISSMP program revolve around five domains essentially and they are:

  • Security Lifecycle Management: This is a key area of ISSMP program that lays emphasis on System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and focuses on integration of information security processes and principles into various critical business initiatives.
  • Security Leadership and Management: This domain lays emphasis on effective management of the information system security.
  • Security Compliance Management: This is a key domain that focuses on establishing and effectively managing a business process for monitoring, assessment and enforcing various security policies and procedures.
  • Law, Ethics and Incident Management: This domain helps create an in-depth understanding of various laws and regulations applicable to an organization and stresses on the implications of non-compliance.
  • Contingency Management: This is the final domain of ISSMP program and it focuses on planning and implementation of processes that reduce the overall impact of adverse events like virus outbreaks.

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