On this episode of the CyberSpeak with InfoSec Institute podcast, Todd Weller, chief strategy officer at Bandura Systems, discusses cybercrime in the financial sector and how to build a security awareness program on a budget.

In the podcast, Weller and host Chris Sienko discuss:

  • How has cybersecurity in the financial sector changed over time? (1:15)
  • How is security awareness different in the financial sector versus other sectors? (5:35)
  • What’s the most common entry point for cybercriminals trying to hack a financial company? (7:25)
  • What are some of the weak points of security among financial organizations? (10:55)
  • Are SWIFT-related fraud attacks still an issue or has it died down? (14:10)
  • What are some laws or regulations that have been put into place that have helped curb fraud and cybercrime in finance? (17:10)
  • Is the lack of security awareness a leadership issue, and if so what can be done to change minds at the C-suite level? (20:30)
  • What are some cost-cutting methods for small businesses to help address their company’s security shortcomings? (22:40)
  • What are some security upgrades that provide the most bang for your buck? (24:35)
  • What are some strategies to ask leadership for funds to address security awareness? (26:40)

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You can watch a video version of the discussion below:

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