Alissa Knight, senior analyst at Aite Group, discusses her work penetration testing connected cars and the ups and downs of her security career, from getting arrested for hacking as a teenager to becoming a senior security analyst and her upcoming book on hacking modern vehicles.

In the podcast, Knight and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– How far back does your interest in computers and security go? (1:45)
– What government entity did you hack into and why did you do it? (2:40)
– Can you tell us about the career path of a senior security analyst? (7:45)
– Was most of your learning self-taught? (11:35)
– Do you still get a chance to much penetration testing or hands-on cybersecurity work in your day-to-day activities? (14:35)
– What’s the most challenging case or security problem you’ve ever worked on? (15:35)
– What are some of the most common attack vectors being used to hack connected cars? (18:35)
– What are some preventative measures that aren’t being implemented as widely as they should be? (21:50)
– Are security products available to the average connected car buyer? (24:05)
– If you had your way, would you make these types of safety upgrades a mandatory requirement? (25:25)
– Are there any resources for connected car owners to see how secure their car is? (27:05)
– What are the issues related to vehicle-to-vehicle security? (32:10)
– Are vehicle-to-vehicle security solutions attainable when factoring in financials and the bottom line of organizations? (36:25)
– Are there cybersecurity jobs related to addressing these connected car issues? (38:50)
– What are your strategies or recommendations for getting women into cybersecurity? (43:50)
– What are the security challenges you see on the horizon for connected cars in the years to come? (53:00)

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