InfoSec Institute just added a powerful new anti-phishing tool to its SecurityIQ security awareness training platform. PhishDefender™, an evolution of SecurityIQ’s PhishNotify™ email plugin, enables program managers to prevent 100% of phishing incidents at their organization.


PhishDefender works by dynamically linking security awareness learner data to real-time email communications. Program managers can set criteria in PhishDefender to activate stronger security settings on high-risk learner email accounts. Learners that match the set criteria will experience:

  • Restricted links: Links are stripped and disabled from all email body text; HTML link text is copied and placed into the body of the email without hyperlinks.
  • Link indicators: Root linking domains are highlighted in red for extra emphasis on link destinations.
  • Advanced protections: Within Outlook’s admin settings, program managers control whether a link can be CTRL clicked, or not clicked at all.

By removing links entirely from high-risk learner emails, organizations can eliminate the risk of an embarrassing, and expensive, phishing attack.

If learners take action to improve their risk profile — by completing additional training or changing behavior — they can move out of the restricted group to regain full access to email links. This happens dynamically, giving learners instant reward for positive behavioral changes. Visit the user manual to learn how to activate PhishDefender. 

Other SecurityIQ updates include:

  • Provide immediate feedback to learners with phishing indicators: SecurityIQ’s new phishing indicators can be activated following failed phishing simulations to teach learners exactly what they missed in real-time. They highlight all suspicious email elements such as spoofing, demanding subject lines and spelling errors.
  • Easily customize phishing templates for added impact and difficulty: You can now quickly clone any of the 100+ preloaded phishing templates in PhishSim.
  • Security awareness training for GDPR compliance: Help your organization fulfill personnel training requirements under the GDPR directive with our new module.
  • Whitelisting update required: Please whitelist the following NEW address to ensure delivery of SecurityIQ training and simulations: ( To verify you have the correct addresses whitelisted on your server, review our whitelisting instructions.

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