79 Page eBook

eBook_NewHave you ever tried examining and analyzing the evidence in computer forensics process? Do you want to know how a forensics examiner finds evidence in the digital device? Are you curious about knowing the chain of custody, collection, examination and analysis of digital devices in computer forensics? If the answer is yes, then you are about to get the complete training material that will teach you the modern process adopted by experts and how they are utilizing commercial and open source softwares to achieve their objectives in computer forensics and digital investigation process.

The key topics are:

  • Foundation of computer forensics:
    • Computer forensics process (identification, collection, examination, analysis and reporting)
    • First responder and it’s responsibilities
    • Digital evidence and the rules of evidence
    • Rules of computer forensics
  • Legal aspects of Computer forensics
    • Legal processes
    • What laws affect computer forensics process
    • What laws you should care while investigating a case
  • File system structure & architecture
    • Windows file system (FAT12, FAT 16, FAT32, & NTFS)
    • Windows registry
    • Linux file system (ext)
    • Journaling file system
    • Inodes
  • Evidence acquisition & investigation
    • Disk image acquisition on Windows and Linux machine
    • Investigate the storage media to find the evidence out of it
  • And much much much more!