Andrew Wertkin, CTO of BlueCat Networks, returns to the podcast to discuss a new and hotly contested privacy technology called DNS over HTTPS (DoH), the ethical and procedural issues around DoH, and how it may change the way infosec professionals work.

In the podcast, Wertkin and host Chris Sienko discuss:

– Can you explain DNS over HTTPS and its purpose? (2:00)
– Can you talk about the evolving role of DNS when it comes to security? (4:35)
– Are there legitimate concerns about DoH making it harder to monitor illegal activity? (6:00)
– Is there a way to shop around for your DoH plan to see which one is most reliable? (12:10)
– What about the concerns that DoH will make organizations like Google even more powerful than they already are? (15:10)
– Do more companies need to to hire DNS security positions? (20:20)
– What skills, certifications and experience should DNSSec professionals be pursing? (23:15)
– What are some of the unintentional issues of implementing DoH? (24:05)
– Is there room for a similar technology that isn’t so all or nothing in terms of privacy? (28:45)
– How will cybersecurity professionals skills need to change in response to DoH? (30:50)
– How is BlueCat working to address the issues created by DoH? (34:50)
– Do you think DoH will fundamentally change things over the next five years? (36:25)

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