Data security is quickly becoming a necessity for companies with Internet access. Email, search, and basic cloud-based functionality are critical for most businesses, so having Internet access is required to work. With that type of open Internet connectivity, companies need a data security analyst to determine a company’s safety for both software and hardware on the network. A data security analyst determines where there are security holes on the network and works with the owner to provide safety that is up to standards for both employee computers and customer information.

Prerequisites: What Do I Need to Become a Data Security Analyst?

Data security is paramount in protection of customer information. If you recall, Target was the focus of a hacker ring that stole millions of credit card details from the company’s customers. The hack destroyed the company’s reputation for data security. A data analyst must be able to identify these security holes and remove them before a hacker is able to gain access to the customer’s data. This can be done using premade tools or the analyst’s own tools and scripts written to find security issues.

What Does a Data Security Analyst Do?

Data security analysts are responsible for finding data security issues on a network. They also work with other security specialists to create a standards for companies to keep future network additions and computers safe from hackers. The data analyst can be a white hat hacker that gets the CEH certification, which shows that you have the skills to discover hidden security flaws and identify security issues. This test is beneficial when you don’t have enough real world experience to land the right interview. Fill out the form below if you are interested in learning more about the CEH cert.

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A data security analyst also reports to the CIO who reviews security requirements and issues addendums when needed.

How Much Money Does a Security Analyst Make?

A data security analyst usually has years of experience, schooling or certifications that prove he is an expert in the field. With the experience and training, a security analyst makes a great salary regardless of the area you’re located. Take a look at the following graph.

data security analyst salary

Notice that the average salary for an analyst is about $85,000 each year. A senior security analyst can make about $100,000 with some experience. The basic security analyst position is about $80,000 each year, which is a decent salary in most locations across the US. Usually, a data analyst starts as an IT support specialist, which starts at about $55,000 each year. A risk analyst is a bit above a data security analyst. A risk analyst assesses the risk associated with certain systems and platforms. These risk analysts also work with data security analysts. As you can see, a risk analyst makes about $125,000 each year.

The role of a data security analyst is a fulfilling role if you like the security field and want to make a great salary. It’s a competitive field if you don’t have the years of experience, so take a look at the CEH certification for more information.