Waqas is a cybersecurity journalist and writer who has a knack for writing technology and online privacy-centric articles. Waqas runs the DontSpoof.com project, which presents expert opinions on online privacy and security.

Will immersive technology evolve or solve cybercrime?

Immersive technology like virtual reality and augmented reality can be used for cybersecurity training and exploited by threat actors.

Compromise assessment or threat hunting? What do organizations need?

Compromise assessment and threat hunting are two rising techniques of implementing network security. Figure out what your organization needs.

How to build a proactive incident response plan

The average cost of a data breach is now $4.24 million. A proactive incident response plan is crucial to help organizations mitigate that risk.

Human reconnaissance: The solution to insider threats

Human reconnaissance offers awareness regarding how your employees are most likely to fall victim to hacks, data breaches or other vulnerabilities.