Preetam Kaushik

Preetam Kaushik

Security+: Incident response procedures [updated 2021]

When cyber incidents happen, you need to have a plan and course of action to mitigate and stop them to protect your organization.

Security+: Business impact analysis concepts [updated 2021]

Learn about the concepts a business impact analysis, or BIA, uses in their role in cybersecurity and more.

Blue bluetooth button on white keyboard

Bluetooth security in Windows 10

For a wireless technology standard formally established in the 1990s, Bluetooth has shown remarkable resilience and longevity. More than two decades later, w

Computer laptop on wooden desk with wireless and application programming and social media icons. Internet networking and wireless technology

Connecting to secure wireless networks in Windows 10

Though they offer undeniable benefits of mobility, cost and convenience, wireless networks are less desirable from a security perspective. There is always a

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MAC filtering in Windows 10

There are many options available to a Windows 10 user when it comes to managing computer networks, both wired and wireless. Some of them are incredibly vital

Types of rootkits

A rootkit is simply a set of tools that can maintain root privileged access to an operating system. A malware rootkit will usually carry a malicious code/sof

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Rootkits 101

Introduction Rootkits are a species of malicious software with incredible damage potential. Due to their sophistication and complexity, they also present a c