Ninj@S3c is a Security Analyst with a leading MNC. He is predominantly focused on Application Security, Network Security and Wireless Security. Beyond this, he’s interested in Reverse Engineering and Forensics.

Exploiting Heartbleed

This article explains the Heartbleed bug and shows how it can be exploited. Overview [pkadzone zone="main_top"] Heartbleed is a flaw in implementing

Reversing firmware part 1

The article will explore various strategies for reversing firmware, with some examples. Finally, some best practices are mentioned. Embedded systems and f

Ajax Security Issues

This article is about exploring major security issues we come across during assessment of Ajax based applications. AJAX: Ajax or 'Asynchronous JavaScript an

Linux and disk forensics

A digital forensic investigation generally consists of five major steps [Figure-1]: Identification Data Acquisition Data Recovery Analysis R

Before you move to the cloud

What is the cloud, anyways? The term is new, but concept is not. Throughout the history of computing, IT organizations have been using their own infrastruct

Chaining Web Proxies to overcome limitations

This article shows a practical example of what is proxy chaining in a web proxy tool and how proxy chaining can be used to overcome limitations of web proxy

Unpacking, reversing, patching

This article is an introduction of packing, how to unpack, to reverse an exe and finally patching it. I have chosen to show reversing of a sample exe file an

Secure code review: A practical approach

This article is about different code review techniques and their application in the real world What you will learn What is secure code review and how to

Android Application Assessment

In this article, we'll discuss THE steps involved in performing A security assessment of an Android based application. We will see the use of various tools a

Arbitrary file download: Breaking into the system

What you will learn: Introduction to Arbitrary File Download [pkadzone zone="main_top"] Difference between Arbitrary File Download and LFI/ RFI H