Mahwish Khan

Mahwish Khan is a Pharm-D graduate from The University of Faisalabad. She is experienced in technical writing. She currently works for a university as a technical trainer and documentation specialist. In the past, she has taught university writing courses and worked in two university writing centers, both as a consultant and administrator.
Mahwish Khan

Top 10 Free Threat-Hunting Tools

Threat hunting is an alternative approach to dealing with cyber-attacks, compared to network security systems that include appliances such as firewalls that

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Red Team Assessment Phases – Everything You Need to Know!

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The VERIS methodology was created by Verizon back in 2010. This was an effort to create an environment for the classification of specific information. The VE

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Due to the increasing advances in today's technology, endpoint protection, and security software solutions are becoming even better at protecting your data.

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Top 10 Ways Your Healthcare Organization May be Violating HIPAA and Not Know It

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How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of the Next Global Cyber Attack

Wanna Cry's rampant spread across devices scattered across the globe, one of the largest global cyber-attacks in recent memory, not only held sensitive info