Karthik is a cyber security researcher at Infosec Institute and works for Cyber Security and Privacy Foundation (a non-profit organization) as a researcher, in India. He finds deep interest in Information security as a whole, and is particularly interested in VA/PT and serving to the cause for Nation's Security.

Android exploitation with Kali

In this tutorial, we shall see how to create an apk file using the tools offered by Kali Linux. Kali Linux is a Linux distro with a preset of hacking tools a

Analyzing Quantum Insert Attacks

A Quantum Insert Attack is a classic example of man-in-the-middle attacks which resurfaced into news among the top 10 biggest leaks by WikiLeaks founder Edwa

What We Learned from APTs in the Current Year

Early this year we witnessed major IT firms suffering from data breaches of one kind or another, and they have come out in the open about the breaches, as we

Enterprise Security Management

An enterprise invests considerable amount of time in its day to day scanning and managing patched for the infrastructure. But, an enterprise psychological an

The Mobile Device Management Saga: An SIEM (Security Information Event Management) perspective

Wikipedia defines Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions as solutions that secure, monitors and supports mobile devices, deployed across various Mobile ser

Cracking the Maze of Advanced Persistent Threats!

Advanced Persistent Threats, as the name suggests, are advanced, persistent and deadly in their nature. The ghost of APTs can affect any organization at any

Advanced Persistent Threats – Attack and Defense

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) was originally coined while nations were involved in cyber-espionage. These techniques are used by cyber-criminals to steal

L-7 Protocol analysis

Traditional intrusion detection systems have always relied on protocol specific analysers to extract the context of the traffic stream. Basically, an intrusi

Google Hacking – For fun and profit - I

Google has been used ever since its beginning to find answers for most if not all of our questions from the beginning of the universe to even finding cure fo

Pimp my Chrome

You might be wondering about the title. Let me tell that you shall have your answer by the end of this story. Hacking has been considered as a mysterious ac

Identity Management Solutions

Identity management as a platform is an emerging branch of Information security. Top vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle have taken serious plunges in

A prototype model for web application fingerprinting: w3 scrape

Introduction: Web application fingerprinting is one of the most important aspects of the information gathering phase of ethical hacking. This allows us to n