John Bandler

John Bandler is a lawyer, consultant, speaker, teacher and author in the areas of cybersecurity, cybercrime, privacy, investigations and more. He is the founder of Bandler Law Firm PLLC and Bandler Group LLC, legal and consulting practices that help organizations and individuals with cybersecurity, the prevention and investigation of cybercrime, privacy, compliance, risk management and governance.

John has expertise in many subjects, holds a number of certifications, and is a prolific writer and speaker. His first book is Cybersecurity for the Home and Office, his second book is Cybercrime Investigations, an extensive resource regarding the law, technology, process and skills regarding the investigation of cybercrime. John has authored articles on a range of topics and teaches professionals and students at the undergraduate, graduate and law school levels.

Before entering private practice, John served in government as an assistant district attorney in the New York County District Attorney's Office where he investigated and prosecuted criminal offenses ranging from cybercrime, virtual currency money laundering and traditional street crimes and frauds. Prior to that, he served as a state trooper in the New York State Police providing full police services to the local community.

John Bandler

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