Jennifer Jeffers

Jen Jeffers is a freelance writer who creates educational and historical content for the internet as well as InfoSec narratives for the deep web. Her work blends the creative with the factual to offer readers articles that are both entertaining and edifying. Although she has a strong aversion to mathematics, she is willing to research and learn about almost anything in the name of continuing education. Follow her blog The Raven Report, a history collection for the dark romantic at
Jennifer Jeffers

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How WannaCry Ransomware Crippled Healthcare

Perspective What do you get when you combine stolen government hacking tools, an unpatched system, and shady operatives from North Korea? The answer is one s

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Introduction One of the best ways to measure and evaluate the technological progressions of the modern age is to examine the evolution of digital forensics.

Benefits of using a third-party pentesting company

Benefits of pentesting The process of penetration testing (pen testing) is one of the best ways to visualize one’s own computer system—including its potenti

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Introduction Probably one of the most exciting and relevant fields in the computing world today is forensics. Much like its criminal namesake, computer foren

Computer Forensics: Intellectual Property Investigations and the CCFE

Introduction The characteristics of cybercrime are always shifting, just like the laws that are passed to handle cybercrime. When something goes awry in the

Computer Forensics: Forensic Issues with Virtual Systems

What is Virtual System Forensics? When something is virtual, it is almost the same as the original—but not quite. In computing, this emulation can be particu

Computer Forensics: ICS/SCADA Forensics

Overview Control system security is the practice of using security methods to prevent intentional or unintentional interference with the operation of industr

Computer Forensics: Big Data Forensics

What is Big Data? In the computing world, there’s data—and then there’s big data. Described as a collection of information from traditional and digital sourc

Phishing Attacks in the Recreation Industry

Introduction When it comes to phishing schemes, the world of recreation may appear safer than more finance-oriented pursuits like banking, cloud storage, and