Jay Turla

Jay Turla is a security consultant. He is interested in Linux, OpenVMS, penetration testing, tools development and vulnerability assessment. He is one of the goons of ROOTCON (Philippine Hackers Conference). You can follow his tweets @shipcod3.
Jay Turla

Interview with RaT, the High Council President of SOLDIERX

Last January, I wrote an article about the SOLDIERX Hacker Database entitled Welcome to the World's Largest Public Hacker Database which was about some of HD

pWeb Suite - A Set of Web Pentesting Tools

pWeb Suite (formerly known as pCrack Suite) is a set of Perl-based penetration testing tools primarily focused on web application security and vulnerability

Free & open source rootkit and malware detection tools

A lot of sniffers, rootkits, botnets, backdoor shells and malwares are still on the wild today, which are used by malicious attackers after successfully pawn

Top Links of Tools Compilation for Pentesting, Forensics, Security, and Hacking

Are you still looking for a suite of tools that may complete your day-to-day activities, or are you just looking for new tools that you can try or play with?

Some Cool DIY Raspberry Pi Projects

Hey, it's me again! I'm back for another article about my favorite mini-computer; the Raspberry Pi. This time I'll be demonstrating some cool DIY projects th

Glastopf Pi: A Simple Yet Cool Web Honeypot for your Raspberry Pi

Now let's have another cool setup for your Raspberry Pi! If you are a follower of my recent articles, you will notice that I am really into consoles, handy d

Getting to Know Kosova Hacker’s Security Crew plus an Exclusive Interview with Th3 Dir3ctorY

As a security researcher and an information security enthusiast, I am always intrigued by underground hacker groups and that's why I do some research about t

Pentesting distributions and installer kits for your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi for pwning and penetration testing? Of course! Why not? As an introduction, Raspberry Pi is an ARM GNU / Linux box or a credit card size mini co

Panoptic - Common Log and Config Files Retriever through LFI Vulnerability

Local File Inclusion or LFI is a kind of web exploit or vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject directory-traversal characters on a certain website.

InfoSec Institute Interview: Douglas Berdeaux, founder of WeakNet Laboratories

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="99"] Douglas Berdeaux, a.k.a Trevelyn[/caption] For today's hot seat in the Infosec Institute interview series, we h

SQLNuke - Simple but fast MySQL Injection load_file() Fuzzer

New SQL Injection Lab! Skillset Labs walk you through infosec tutorials, step-by-step, with over 30 hands-on penetration testing labs available for FR

Basic Updated Guide to Recon-ng plus New Modules Rundown

The Recon-ng Framework has undergone some major updates that has improved its functionality and its usage,as well as new modules that were added to the frame