Gina Napier

Ms. Gina Napier is a cybersecurity professional specializing in developing security solutions to remediate vulnerabilities in IT environments. She has spent over 13 years supporting multiple DoD branches including the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps and has played a key role in developing numerous cybersecurity programs.

As the first recipient of Microsoft’s ‘Salute to our Troops’ Award, Gina has shown an ongoing contribution to the IT field by encouraging shared responsibility for cybersecurity efforts across the nation. She is passionate about encouraging ethics and thoughtful analysis regarding cyberattacks in the IT industry.

Gina currently holds a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity as well as over 12 IT certifications, including the CISSP, CISA, AWS: Solutions Architect and Azure Administrator Associate. Currently, she is serving as a Sr. Information Security Analyst at General Dynamics and is the founder of the tech startup Switch Code. Her favorite quote is “Find what you love to do and do it with all your heart!”

Gina Napier

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