Drew Robb

Drew Robb is a writer from the Tampa Bay Area specializing in IT and engineering.
Drew Robb

Cybersecurity automation: Tips to do it right in your organization

Hyperautomation provides a more business-driven, disciplined approach to automating as many business and IT processes as possible.

The Pentagon goes all-in on Zero Trust

With a four-year deadline to meet, how will the military and defense sector respond to the Pentagon’s zero-trust mandate?

The Changing Role of the Modern SOC

SOCs are changing regarding how they operate, the prevalence of managed SOC services and the career opportunities available.

The importance of asset visibility in the detection and remediation of vulnerabilities

Find out why CISA mandated vulnerability scanning and the role asset visibility plays in ensuring that security threats are detected. 

What it takes to qualify for the US Cyber Games team

Hands-on experience is a vital element of learning. Nothing beats the Cyber Games to gain real-world pentesting and red team savvy in cybersecurity.

The changing role of a ransomware negotiator

Should you negotiate Ransomware payments yourself? Tony Cook is part of a new career category, the Ransomware Negotiator.

Protecting K-12 schools from cyber threats: The case of Vice Society

Cyber threat groups like Vice Society have successfully targeted a new and especially insidious class of targets: K-12 school districts.

How cloud security, data privacy, and cybersecurity convergence drives successful careers

Anyone with the combination of cloud security, privacy and cybersecurity skills is likely to see a bright future full of career opportunities.

Intelligence-led pentesting and the evolution of Red Team operations

Find out how the addition of more intelligence to pentesting helps combat the broadening of the attack surface and how it is reshaping the world of red teaming

A deep dive into GitHub's security strategies

Github has gone to great lengths of late to ensure that its developer platform and tools provide a secure environment.

Data storage security isn't working: Here are 5 ways to improve

Data storage and backup systems are far more insecure than other IT systems, research says. Here are five ways to improve their security.

Protect your data with zero-trust networks

83% of former employees retain access to one or more of your company's accounts. It's past time to use a zero-trust network to ensure your data stays safe.